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Building Reconciliation Forum 2017: 3 Lessons Learned

December 11, 2017

by Jennifer Gammad Lockerby

Social Innovation Fellow, RECODE

At the third annual Building Reconciliation Forum, hosted by the University of Manitoba, Indigenous people and settlers discussed progress, possibilities and challenges for reconciliation in post-secondary education. First, I would like to thank the people who welcomed me, a settler, as a visitor to Treaty One territory. By extension, my understanding of Indigenous issues in Canada is inherently limited as a settler.  As a racialized ally and recent student, however, I believe I can provide valuable insight to fellow settlers working in the post-secondary sector. Here are my three significant takeaways from the Forum (these are my views and not intended to reflect those of the McConnell Foundation!): 1. ‘Indigenizing’ colonial institutions requires decolonization. “Decolonization and indigenization go hand in hand.  […]

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