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Supporting the next generation of catalyzers—why UBC is taking on the Global Challenge

October 27, 2016

by Susan Grossman

Director | Centre for Community Engaged Learning, The University of British Columbia

If you have never been asked to recite your most important sentence in the world, I challenge you to do it now. Trust me, it’s hard. When I was asked for mine a little over six months ago, I struggled to imagine how to encapsulate my worldview into one boiled down sentence. After hours of staring at a blank page, pen in hand, pen on table, and pen in hand again, I wrote words that were immediately crossed out, rewritten, and crossed out again. It was only after reflection on my 20+-year career that I came close.

My goal is to foster in university students, resilience and the skills to activate meaningful societal change, by creating opportunities for undergraduates to take supported risks and fail safely.

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