What does Re-Code do?

We work with colleges and universities to integrate social innovation tools and practices into all they do for the benefit of those on campus and the broader community. Through partnerships across institutions and sectors, we envision a more resilient, just, and sustainable world.

What is social innovation?

Social innovation tackles complex issues facing our communities and the broader world by changing the system or dynamics that created the problem. It includes any initiative (product, process, program, project, or platform) that changes routines, resource and authority flows, or beliefs of the social system in which it is introduced. For further discussion of the context of social innovation and examples of it in action, read this primer from Social Innovation Generation (SiG).

What does Re-Code do for its partners?

Re-Code undertakes several roles to uncover and foster fruitful connections that will accelerate and scale social impact. We support our partners to share their expertise through our online resources.  As a neutral convenor, we bring people and institutions together across sectors. We invest in social innovation initiatives and also work with our partners to map current social innovation tools and best practices.

Does Re-Code award grants?

We do not offer grant funding on an ongoing basis. We do, however, co-create partnerships that include a funding component. Examples include our work with member associations such as CICan and Universities Canada. We also helped create the BC Collaborative for Social Infrastructure—a four-institution partnership. When Re-Code launched in 2014, we invited universities and colleges to apply for funding to support campus social innovation and entrepreneurship. Twenty-six schools from across Canada joined Re-Code at that time. We continue to collaborate with these institutions and work to amplify the impact of their initiatives.

Does Re-Code fund research on social innovation?

We do not fund social innovation research. Our focus is on supporting existing initiatives by sharing best practices and case studies.

What is Re-Code’s relationship with the McConnell Foundation?

Re-Code is an initiative of the McConnell Foundation, which develops and applies innovative approaches to social, cultural, economic, and environmental challenges.

Does Re-Code work with students?

Re-Code does not engage directly with students. However, students may be involved in the social innovation initiatives that our partnering schools undertake, such as the Map the System global competition.

I want to get involved. How do I get started?

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