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Apply today for ALT/Now: Economic Inequality

Entrepreneurs, innovators, community builders, and system leaders — you are invited to apply for a unique opportunity to collaborate on new alternatives to tackling economic inequality.

Through a series of hands-on residencies at The Banff Centre, intensive coaching, and a purpose-built network of expert mentors and advisors, you will build and test concepts that you believe can play a role in closing the widening gap between rich and poor.
The ALT/Now: Economic Inequality program (January 26 – October 1, 2016) will support you to gain crucial on-the-ground insight, prototype solutions that have the potential to disrupt the current economic system, and form the right networks of influence to take your solutions forward.
Click here to apply and join others developing sustainable initiatives that challenge the underlying dynamics of economic inequality and offer concrete and sustainable approaches. Applications due November 2, 2015.
Follow #AltNow for regular updates.

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