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Future Shock: Is Higher Education Ready for the Impact?

  Industries, companies and governments are retooling for the future, driven by the sustainability imperatives of climate change, resource, food and water scarcity, social polarization and rising income inequality. Universities and colleges are no exception. The future will be won by organizations that were proactive, not those that defended the status quo. As with other industries, the post-secondary sector is undergoing a transition as it explores its reason for existence. Does it equip students and professionals for future roles? Yes. Does it also equip its administrators to contribute their expertise, resources, assets and investments to contribute to societal outcomes? Slowly but surely. The McConnell Foundation and the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) have been piloting measures to accelerate [...]

Training the Archer – new research on changemaker education

How can colleges and universities support students to become changemakers? Although the field of changemaking is still emerging, it is becoming abundantly clear that the approach to "changemaker education" is significantly different to more traditional forms of education. Changemaking, "is not about collecting or committing knowledge to memory and then moving out into the world. Instead, it is about learning through discipline and practice within the complexities of the real world." This is described in a new report Training the Archer: Accelerating Student Changemaking Through Testing Assumptions. In it, author Alexandra Daignault examines how Canadian students are inquiring, reflecting on, and examining assumptions in learning about and advancing a social or environmental cause they are passionate about. And its findings are eye-opening. The report [...]

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Indigenizing University Governance – Yukon College Blazes the Path

What does it look like for a college or university to wholly adopt principles of reconciliation? In an effort to try to find out, Yukon College is using its upcoming transition from a College to a University to develop a new governance model that holds indigenization as a fundamental tenet. Part of their challenge is that information about indigenization in the post-secondary sector existed, but only in relation to specific areas (programs, curriculum, space, policy, etc.). Information about indigenization at an institutional level, or about shared governance, meanwhile, was critically lacking. Sensing a gap and an opportunity, Yukon College decided to lead a conversation. In March 2018, they brought together a group of 30 people, including representatives from fifteen post-secondary institutions [...]

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Announcement: A brand new RECODE website is on the way

We’re excited to share that RECODE site is undergoing a complete overhaul and redesign. Although it hosts valuable resources and information, the current RECODE site makes finding relevant information challenging. The program’s aspiration is to accelerate and scale change in the post-secondary sector, and our goal is to simplify the site and highlight activities, resources, and opportunities that are most interesting and useful for visitors to know about. We envision the new site as a helpful resource: one that clearly communicates the inspiring activities of colleges and universities across Canada, in their work to increase their social impact and wellbeing in their community To do this, we are proud to be working alongside Winnipeg-based and B Corp design studio, Manoverboard. [...]

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My Year as a McConnell Social Innovation Fellow: lessons I learned and have yet to learn

  What is social innovation, anyway? Social infrastructure? Movement building? Going into my fellowship, these were all questions that I had full confidence I would learn the answers to. I was to support the RECODE program, and my job description included stakeholder engagement, event planning, communications, and programmatic tasks such as report-writing or project management. Easy enough, right? With a strong social justice, community and direct service background, I was excited for this new world of social innovation and philanthropy. In hindsight, however, I was not fully prepared to adjust to the frameworks, tools, relationships, and ways of thinking about social transformation. At the end of my first day of work, McConnell’s Vice President asked me to summarize what I had [...]

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Catalyst for Sustainability: Social Infrastructure in Action at the University of Winnipeg

  Through investments in training and innovation, Canada’s universities and colleges anchor the economic livelihood and social wellbeing of communities and our country. In addition to teaching and research, their impact is expressed in the people they hire, the goods and services they purchase and the ways they invest their financial, physical and relational assets. Recognizing their latent capacity to shape better outcomes as economic actors and social innovators, post-secondary institutions are beginning to apply their assets to building “social infrastructure.” The University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation (UWCRC) is an outstanding example of a social infrastructure strategy. It comprises investments in urban renewal, post-secondary infrastructure, affordable housing, food services and more. The report Catalyst for Sustainability: The Achievements, Challenges, Lessons and Prospects of [...]

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