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Become a student journalism fellow!

Join Possible Canadas and Discourse Media in reimagining our country and apply to become a student journalism fellow.

Are you a student journalist who cares about students’ perspectives? Read on to learn how your voice can make a difference in determining the future of our country.

What is Possible Canadas?

The upcoming federal election will be a watershed moment in Canadian history. In the months leading up to the election, Canadians have wrangled over such fundamental issues as reconciliation with Indigenous Canadians, the future of our resource-dependent economy and our responsibility to the world’s refugees ― issues that strike at the heart of this nation’s identity.
Yet young Canadians are, by and large, left out of these public debates. Politicians’ talking points and stump speeches are aimed at their base in the same way that newspaper coverage is aimed at its subscribers ― in other words, public dialogue revolves around the generation that buys newspapers and shows up to the polls. The result is that 70 per cent of Canadian Millennials believe that they are being ignored by politicians and 72 per cent do not believe that they can make their voices heard. Only 39 per cent of young Canadians turned out to vote in the 2011 election.
We think young Canadians have a lot to say about the future of this country. Can a collaboration with students journalists from across western Canada spark a conversation that puts young people’s perspectives on the agenda? Possible Canadas, a journalism project created by Discourse Media with financial support from the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, is our attempt to do just that.
Here’s where you come in. We’re accepting applications from student journalists interested in learning about solutions journalism and new media methods they can use to foster a nuanced dialogue on their campus about solutions to the challenges facing our nation.

Why should you apply?

  • Join a professional network of journalists. As a Discourse Media student fellow, you will join a growing movement of journalists working together to produce work that is relevant to Canadians and has impact.
  • Train at the nexus of new media technologies and impact journalism. Discourse Media journalists will work with you to develop tools and strategies to create journalism that matters to your campus community.
  • Get paid. As a Discourse Media student fellow, you will receive travel funding and a $500 award for your contribution to Possible Canadas.
  • Get published nationally and in a professional media outlet. Your work will be published on a national website and the best pieces will appear in a professional media outlet.
  • Gain advice and mentorship from professional journalists. You will be paired with a mentor to work with during your Possible Canadas project and beyond.
  • Work collaboratively with student journalists from across Western Canada. At the workshop in Vancouver, you will, along with other fellows, design and craft a Possible Canadas project that puts student perspectives on the national political agenda.
  • Engage your campus community. Using Discourse Media’s tools, you will scour your campus for underrepresented perspectives on youth issues related to the election.

Are you eligible?

  • You are a student at a post-secondary institution in western Canada. Manitoba and westward.
  • You are involved in a student newspaper, radio station or other publication.
  • You have published something, in any medium. A written article or podcast or video or photography or zine.
  • You care about reporting on the perspectives of students on your campus.
  • You are excited to improve your skills as a journalist.

Important dates

Your application must be completed by September 11th and successful applicants will be notified shortly afterward. You must be available to attend an intensive workshop in Vancouver at Discourse Media offices on the weekend of September 25-27. There will be some preparatory work in advance of the workshop. After the workshop, you will have ten days of intensive reporting and production before a deadline of October 7th.

To learn more or to apply, visit .

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