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Call for Photos!

Calling on RECODE Schools!

As RECODE nears the one-year mark, we think it’s time to infuse our communications platforms with images of RECODERS on the ground—getting great work done!

We would love to include photos from your campus social innovation zones on the RECODE website. Photos can include student faces, workshops events, new incubator spaces—whatever you feel tells your on campus RECODE story. By showcasing the people and places that are infusing social innovation and entrepreneurship across Canadian campuses, we hope to piece together the broader picture of what we as a network are collectively working towards.

If you would like to have your school’s photos used for RECODE communications purposes, please upload your files to the RECODE photos folder here.

We ask that photo’s are:

a. Labeled as a group, if it is a collection from a particular event, or
b. Labeled individually with the date and description if they are from multiple events, or happenings

Please note that by sharing your school’s photos in this folder, they will be be made publicly accessible and may be used on the RECODE website or in other RECODE materials.

Sep 25, 2015 |