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The Canadian Edition of Map the System: Round Two Kicks Off

by Jennifer Gammad Lockerby Social Innovation Fellow, RECODE

After a successful year running the 1st Canadian edition of Map the System (formerly known as the Global Challenge), RECODE and the Trico Charitable Foundation are bringing the challenge back to Canada for another round. We are excited to announce that 17 Canadian universities and colleges registered for the 2018 challenge – nearly double the number of schools registered in 2017.
The Map the System challenge promotes system change leadership, which recognizes that complex issues are situated within nested systems, and as such, collective action is needed to enact sustainable change.  By bringing the challenge to Canada, we hope to contribute to a larger movement of building social impact leaders in post-secondary, while providing learning & funding opportunities for students.
A man speaks with a microphone while standing with his two teammates. Three other observers are standing beside them, watching him speak.SFU team at the 2017 Canadian final event in Calgary.
Student registration for the Map the System challenge is open now until January 8, 2018. REGISTER NOW
*Participating schools:
– Royal Roads University
– Mount Royal University
– Ryerson University
– MacEwan University
– University of Waterloo
– Memorial University
– Carleton University
– University of Calgary
– University of Guelph
– Simon Fraser University
– Dalhousie University
– HEC Montreal
– University of British Columbia
– Concordia University
– Kings University College
– Nova Scotia Community College
– McGill University

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