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Canadian Network Day at the Ashoka U Exchange

Last week at the Ashoka U Exchange in New Orleans, RECODE and Ashoka Canada hosted the event’s inaugural Canadian Network Day. The gathering of Canadian delegates was a bit of an experiment and leap of faith in seeing what interest there might be in Canadian focused conversations and connections. Happily, the 40+ people in attendance all agreed that not only is it worthwhile to get together, but that universally we saw our time together as just the start of a conversation and maybe even a community. To dig a bit deeper, see the agenda, notes and next steps, pictures from the day, and check out the delegation on twitter.
Above all else, the day was a clarion call for collaboration. Everyone in the room wanted to know who was doing what, how were they doing it, who they were doing it with, and what was coming up. Our challenge is to figure out how to keep the conversation going. If you have ideas, or want to join, send us an email at If you’re interested, but not ready to join just yet, stay-tuned and visit for regular updates.

Our thanks to Ashoka U and Propeller for hosting us, and to everyone who made it happen!

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