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How To Design A Social Lab – New Brunswick

Social labs represent a powerful, innovative and strategic response to complex social challenges.

Are you responsible for coming up with a strategic response to a challenge as complex as climate change, child poverty or any change where there needs to be a fundamental change of mind-set?

Take Part

Through a new three-day training opportunity—available through a collaboration between the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network, UNB’s Pond-Deshpande Centre and NouLAB—participants will deepen their understanding of both the strategic and the tactical aspects of setting up social labs. This will include framing the business case for labs, setting the challenge, the relationship of scale to the overall strategy of the lab, practical details on the design of social labs, what a “minimal viable social lab” looks like, and more.
At the end of three days, participants will leave with a clear idea of what it takes to design a social lab and how to go about this task. The course will consist of a combination of small group and plenary work, with many opportunities for peer learning. Participants will work in small groups to apply learning to their own challenges. This course is particularly suited to teams who are seeking a strategy for addressing a real-world problem that they are currently working on.
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