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Impact Reporting

Generating new insights into RECODE’s collective impact

About Impact Reporting

RECODE’s Impact Reporting platform provides an opportunity for post-secondary schools from across Canada to share school-specific data and showcase progress and impact publicly and in real-time, in order to leverage knowledge and increase collaboration between schools and across the RECODE network.

Designed and developed in collaboration with GrantBook and Purpose Capital, and informed by an advisory group with representation from RECODE schools, the Impact Reporting platform will allow RECODE to collect, analyze, gain insights, and report on trends within and across all schools.

Through the Impact Reporting platform, RECODE funded and non funded schools are encouraged to input information on school activities—new social innovation and social entrepreneurship courses, impact fund information and opportunities—and in so-doing, co-narrate and co-create the story of RECODE.

Early on, five key themes were identified as priorities for monitoring and evaluation: Resource Allocation, Community Impact, Culture Shift, Student Experience, and Social Venture Support. Based on feedback from our advisory group and the ability to access and input relevant data, in this first phase of Impact Reporting, our focus will be on Resource Allocation and Culture Shift.

The data being shared via Impact Reporting on Resource Allocation and Culture Shift doesn’t yet present the full picture of activity and momentum, but it is a first step towards intentionally and continually showcasing more and more of what’s happening across the country. Over the coming year, we will continue to add new types of data, and to refine and improve this platform. We’re excited by the possibilities of online reporting and for a more streamlined and effective monitoring, evaluation, and learning process. We hope you’ll take part!


Collect – Curate – Share

Developed to be highly adaptive, scalable and user-friendly, our approach to Impact Reporting recognizes that no two RECODE projects are the same and that there are many people working on each campus project. A considerable amount of rigour has gone into how we might collect, curate and share information on each campus and present that across the country. For more on the Impact Reporting methodology, visit the link below.


From the Blog

RECODE: Co-Creating Impact Reporting

“By sharing RECODE’s impact reporting data publicly, grantees can gain awareness and insight into each other’s tools and practices. Our goal is to create the conditions for grantees to leverage knowledge and increase collaboration across the RECODE network to drive social innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education across Canada.”

~ Kathryn Meisner, GrantBook

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