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Map the System 2019: Get Involved!

In partnership with the Skoll Centre at the University of Oxford, the Trico Charitable Foundation, and McConnell’s RECODE program, we are pleased to invite Canadian higher education institutions to participate in the 2019 Oxford Map the System Challenge.

What is Map the System?

  • Map the System is a one-of-a-kind competition that requires students to use a systems-thinking approach in order to showcase their understanding of a social, cultural, or environmental challenge that they are passionate about.
  • Unlike traditional pitch competitions, participants are evaluated based not on a ‘solution’ to a problem, but rather on the depth of understanding of the problem. In so doing, participants in Map the System learn more about the issues they care about, create new networks, have the opportunity to present their findings to the world, and build their social impact career.

Why Take Part? 

So that your students have the opportunity to:

  • Access to the Map the System network, with new ideas, learning tools, and resources;
  • Have the chance to win one of two cash prizes of $2,500 CDN at the Canadian final event (May 3-4, 2019);
  • Present their findings at the Map the System Global Final at the University of Oxford, UK (this opportunity is for the two winners of the Canadian final). The event will provide opportunities to network and learn with other students from around the world;
  • Have the chance to win one of three cash prizes at the Map the System Global Final (June 7-9, 2019); and
  • Apprenticing with a Problem Funding. Finalists of the Canadian event will be eligible to apply for up to $10,000 of Apprenticing with a Problem funding per team. The funding is intended to deepen the learning experience of Map the System and may be used to subsidize an unpaid internship or field research in the country or region relevant to the problem being explored.

What support will partner schools receive?

The Skoll Centre and the Institute for Community Prosperity will provide each partner with:

  • Tools to run their own local challenge (application forms, judging criteria, acceptance letters and certificates, a project plan, branding material, example fliers, etc);
  • The chance to join 2-3 webinars for Map the System “Champions” (i.e. educators or other support people) from education institutions across Canada, to gather new ideas, answer questions, and share resources;
  • Website with learning tools and resources for all Map the System entrants globally, as well as learning resources shared directly with the Map the System Champions in each institution to share with their local entrants; and
  • Tools for offering “Apprenticing with a Problem” funding to finalists.

Ready to join in?
Please complete the online form to register your institution before the October 31, 2018 deadline.

For questions related to the Canadian Map the System challenge,  please contact Anna Johnson, Institute for Community Prosperity at

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