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MRU's Community Leadership Learning Survey

Share your experiences with MRU and help provide insight into how potential leaders are trained and nurtured to catalyze social change.

Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University (MRU) is conducting a study on community leadership learning in Canada. This project will create a report providing insight for practitioners and organizations into how potential leaders are trained and nurtured to catalyze social change – i.e. in the service of community-building, active citizenship, public policy development, international development, peace-building, human rights, social justice, ecological sustainability, or other common good oriented purposes. The survey takes 10-15 minutes and is also mobile-friendly.
Your participation is appreciated! Take the Community Leadership Learning Survey.

More on your participation:
Participation in this study is anonymous. You will not be asked to provide your name or other information allowing you to be individually identified. The data gathered through the survey will be analyzed in aggregate, and any quotations drawn from narrative responses provided through the survey will be non-attributable.
Should you begin the alumni survey and choose not to complete it in full, your responses will be withdrawn and all the information you have provided will be destroyed. You can withdraw from the study anytime until you have completed the survey in full, after which time data will not be attributable to individual participants and therefore will not be removed or destroyed. Data collected through this survey may be subject to the US Patriot Act, given that the software program used, Qualtrics, is hosted on a United States web server.
The ethics protocol for this project was reviewed by the Mount Royal University Research Ethics Board, which provided clearance to carry out the research. Should you have questions or concerns related to your involvement in this research, please contact the Human Research Ethics Board Chair, Dr. David Cann, at or at 403-440-8541.
If you have any questions about the research project or your participation, please contact the research team at or 403-440-5034.
Results of the survey will be published on the Institute for Community Prosperity website.
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