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National Network Activities

RECODE’s National Network connects on campus innovation to a larger community of peers, collaborators, and stakeholders.

Impact Investing

Connecting students and schools with impact investing opportunities, and developing a national fund to invest in social innovations and enterprises.
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Peer and Experiential Learning

To facilitate a cross-country knowledge exchange, RECODE will develop a platform for students, educators, and the community at large to connect.

Pro Bono Services

To help student social innovators and entrepreneurs kick start their ideas, RECODE will offer pro bono services such as legal, consulting, and accounting support.

National and Regional Gatherings

RECODE will host national and regional gatherings to share success stories, exchange learning, and bring people together to think critically on how to solve our toughest challenges.

Curriculum, Research, and Tool Development

RECODE will work across institutions to promote collaboration on curriculum, research, and tool development, increasing access to existing knowledge and facilitating cross-sector learning.

Engage with us!

RECODE provides opportunities to work together and make a difference.


Do the goals of RECODE align with your work in the private, public, non-profit, or government sector? YES? Consider becoming a RECODE collaborator. Collaborators are committed to supporting RECODE’s goals by providing expertise or sponsorship resources. Let’s work together!


Are you a social innovator intrigued by RECODE’s goals and interested in taking part in national challenges, pro bono services, and accessing capital? YES? Sign up below to learn more about upcoming opportunities.


Are you affiliated with a post-secondary institution where students could benefit from RECODE? Yes? Reach out to us—together we can explore ways to provide students with opportunities to work on innovative solutions to our biggest challenges.

If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more, connect with us at info@re-code.ca.