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New RADIUS SFU Fellows in Radical Doing

Meet the 2016 cohort!

RADIUS SFU‘s second cohort of RADIUS Fellows are kicking off their sessions this Tuesday. Every week until June, this band of Radical Doers will gather together, connect with mentors and coaches, and strengthen their skills for creating impactful innovation.
This cohort brings together innovators leading upcycling and permaculture initiatives, pioneering new learning platforms, translating the Haida language, building cooperatives and social enterprises, and creating social commentary through photography and film.

They’ve studied at SFU, across the country, and around the globe, gaining degrees in everything from political science to engineering to cancer research. They’re working with organizations like Kudoz, the Binners’ Project, Renewal Funds, the Vancouver Economic Commission, The Wellbeing Project, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and SFU Vancouver.
Read more about new Fellows and the RADIUS Fellows Program here.

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