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UNB is among RECODE’s round one funding recipients. Read on below to learn more about social innovation and social entrepreneurship activities and programs happening on the UNB campus.

Read UNB’s Letter of Intent for RECODE’s round one funding.

Pond-Deshpande Centre

The University of New Brunswick’s Pond-Deshpande Centre (PDC) acts as a catalyst to advance innovation and entrepreneurship in New Brunswick and the region by facilitating collaboration among entrepreneurs, emerging and aspiring companies, students, faculty and alumni.

The PDC works within the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to create learning & mentorship opportunities for aspiring innovators that will provide them with a sound foundation in technical and social entrepreneurship, give them the opportunity to engage in the experience and explore their possibilities for success.


The PDC has rapidly expanded since its inception in 2011, and has served as a key catalyst in the growth of New Brunswick’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Key to the PDC’s success is its ability to collaborate with complementary organizations. For example, NouLAB, New Brunswick’s first social innovation lab, is a partnership between the PDC, the New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network and the New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association. It is through these strong partnerships that the PDC has been able to advance its mission and broaden its reach, playing a pivotal role in the development of entrepreneurship in the Maritimes.

PDC Programs

Student Ambassador Program

This experiential learning program provides students with a first-hand look into the world of entrepreneurship as a mindset, as an approach and as a potential career path. Students gain valuable knowledge, build technical skills and also learn about social entrepreneurship, social innovation, social policy and triple bottom line companies.

ChangeMaker Funding Program

Designed to help early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators test ideas and build sustainable business models through providing on-going support and opportunities.

B4C Social Venture Accelerator

B4C helps early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators test ideas and build sustainable business models—taking entrepreneurs through 6 levels of acceleration: from inspiration to ideation, business model development, launch, financial sustainability and scale. These levels address the needs of entrepreneurs as they journey through the stages of starting a business.


NouLAB is New Brunswick’s public and social innovation lab, connecting change agents from across sectors, convening them around pressing issues, and facilitating their journey to deep change.

Inspired by MaRS Solutions Lab and GovLab methodologies, NouLAB first convenes the knowledge of diverse stakeholders who understand our greatest challenges; then facilitates a process of problem framing, systems mapping, research, experimentation, and scaling successes; and, finally, connects innovators with influencers. These activities make the change process quicker, smarter, and more sustainable.

The Millennial Dream

“As the Millennial generation becomes the most significant portion of the work force what will change about what we want from our jobs, what education will look like, what kinds of companies will succeed in the new economy and what kinds of living communities will be desired?”

Watch the trailer below for The Millennial Dream—a feature length documentary, supported by the PCD that explores the values that may replace the cultural motif known as “The American Dream”.

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Karina Leblanc, Executive Director – Pond-Deshpande Centre

Visit www.ponddeshpande.ca to learn more about PDC’s on campus activities and programs.

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