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Guidelines for Integrating Social Purpose into Institutional Strategic Plans

Re-Code has developed practical and comprehensive guidelines for integrating social infrastructure into university and college strategic plans. 

This resource was developed based on a review of nearly twenty strategic documents from Canadian post-secondary institutes (and one American). The guidelines were then refined and tested by a group of University Presidents from across Canada. 

We hope this sparks ideas and creates pathways for the change you hope to see.

We welcome your feedback! Please contact Kelly Hodgins at or Coro Strandberg at for more information.

Click Here to View Guidelines 

To see case studies from universities that used these guidelines, click here:

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Harnessing the physical campus for societal and community benefit

The pandemic revealed an opportunity and imperative for universities and colleges to rethink their use of space and place to further their academic and societal mission.

With the rise in remote work, accelerated societal challenges, and an increased desire on the part of postsecondary institutions to act as anchor institutions, the pandemic created a new opportunity to reimagine and retrofit campus spaces for greater social good.

Responding to increasing interest in this topic, we created:

  • A two-pager that helps prompt thinking around how to utilize campus infrastructure for social impact.  Click here to read.
  • A practical report that goes deeper into examples, imperative, and opportunities.  See it here 


The role of Canadian universities in society

Developed collectively by 28 university presidents through a series of discussions between May 2020 and September 2021, this paper articulates the unique and important role for universities in today’s society.

It outlines the ways that presidents see their institutions supporting Canadian communities and addressing societal challenges, in the rapidly changing times we find ourselves in.

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