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The hackEd project (2015-2017)  was motivated by the question: how might we, as a Foundation initiative, best support students nationwide in being changemakers on their respective campuses?

Could we build a movement by working directly with students, rather than with faculty and administrators?

hackED was our first major student-facing initiative, in which we decided to go the direct route to answering this question.  hackED was an effort to: a) create a network of student leaders across the country; and b) develop local chapters that would meet regularly to make change on their campuses.

After two years of hackED, Re-Code learned that in the sphere of student engagement, we have much more work to do. We learned, and that at this time, we’re much better placed to work with educators and administrators at an institution, notwithstanding the importance of students to our goals and vision.

This report details the 30 lessons we learned from collaborating with students for hackED.

Recognizing the enormous potential and importance of students in our work, we are currently watching the field closely, looking for areas where we can support student energies more directly again, and perhaps more effectively.