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Map the System

Map the System is a global competition that invites students to think differently about social and environmental change, starting with an understanding of a challenge and its wider context. Mapping a system provides an opportunity to think about the context surrounding a challenge and the many interacting factors that contribute to its development – whether they are economic forces, political movements, or global trends.

The competition is a global event, out of the Skoll Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford. Three years ago, Re-Code launched a Canadian edition of the Challenge, in partnership with the Trico Charitable Foundation. This has supported schools across Canada to bring the competition to their schools, with the winning teams advancing to a Canadian final each May. The winners from the Canadian final move on to the Global finals at Oxford. We are proud of their strong record of winning at the Global finals, and even more proud to see the growth of participating campuses and student teams across Canada each year.