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Universities Canada Social Impact Advisory Group

Universities Canada has launched a new project to frame, curate and promote the promising best practices of Canadian universities’ social impact initiatives. The Advisory Group is co-chaired by Re-Code’s Chad Lubelsky.

This initiative focuses on the social impact of Canadian universities in their local communities. The objectives are to:

  • Lead a pan-Canadian initiative to map, measure, promote, and increase the social impact of universities in their communities.
  • Develop a national framework by articulating clear definitions and providing examples and resources for Canadian universities to strengthen their social impact.

The activities aim to improve linkages between universities and their communities, to contribute to a prosperous future for communities across Canada, and to raise awareness about the importance of university-community partnerships.


  1. Scan the landscape: Map current social impact initiatives, gaps, areas for action, lessons, scalable practices.
  2. Deepen capacities: Developing resources/tools to share across member universities, identifying scalable practices, providing frameworks to benchmark activities
  3. Strengthen networks: Increasing partnerships between universities, communities, and philanthropic sector.
  4. Shift the narrative: raising awareness of university/community partnerships to the general public and decision-makers.