Universities Canada Social Impact Advisory Group

Universities Canada has launched a new project to frame, curate and promote the promising best practices of Canadian universities’ social impact initiatives. The Advisory Group is co-chaired by Re-Code’s Chad Lubelsky.

This initiative focuses on the social impact of Canadian universities in their local communities. The objectives are to:

The activities aim to improve linkages between universities and their communities, to contribute to a prosperous future for communities across Canada, and to raise awareness about the importance of university-community partnerships.


  1. Scan the landscape: Map current social impact initiatives, gaps, areas for action, lessons, scalable practices.
  2. Deepen capacities: Developing resources/tools to share across member universities, identifying scalable practices, providing frameworks to benchmark activities
  3. Strengthen networks: Increasing partnerships between universities, communities, and philanthropic sector.
  4. Shift the narrative: raising awareness of university/community partnerships to the general public and decision-makers.

An initiative of the J.W. McConnell Foundation. 1002 Sherbrooke, Suite 1800, Sherbrooke Street West Montreal, QC H3A 3L6