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RECODE Collaborate Webinar: Designing your campus change strategy

Tuesday February 2, 2016 at 1:00pm (EDT)

Join us on Tuesday, February 2 for a RECODE Collaborate Webinar with Cheryl Rose to walk through the key questions involved in designing a campus change strategy.
Have you identified the on campus change you want to work towards?
Take the next step and discover the true cause of the problem to help deepen your understanding of your campus context, and decide on the most strategic places to intervene for impact. This webinar will provide you with thinking and mapping tools to collaboratively develop a unique strategy with the potential to shift your campus system.
Connect with us at if you’d like to participate, and join the webinar via WebEx here (access code: 929 945 455; audio connection: 1-855-749-4750).

About Cheryl
Cheryl is interested in youth, education and social innovation and has many years of experience working on community-based initiatives within the university setting. She co-directed the Waterloo Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation, directed the Rockefeller Foundation Global Fellowship on Social Innovation, and is currently working on the second year of a residency in social innovation at the Banff Centre. She is one of the principal individuals in the national Social Innovation Generation (SiG) partnership and continues to support SiG initiatives, such as Alberta Social Innovation Connect.

Cheryl has been involved in supporting the ongoing development of the RECODE campus-based program, especially through sharing ideas and resources for post-secondary education systems change. She has also worked to seed new forms of education and support for social innovation practitioners, including those leading on reconciliation in Canada.

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