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RECODE WEBINAR: Constructive Engagement

Join us Thursday, October 20 at 12pm (EDT) for a RECODE Webinar on Constructive Engagement, with Innoweave‘s Ryan Conway.
One of Innoweave’s suite of modules, Constructive Engagement helps leaders of community sector organizations develop effective strategies to understand and work with policy makers, practitioners, and the public. By taking part in the Constructive Engagement module, participants will learn to use these key relationships to advance policy change that will directly improve the social outcomes of their organization and advance its mission.
If you have an interest in Constructive Engagement, join us on the webinar to explore initial steps, such as:
— Clarifying the outcomes you hope to achieve as an organization or group
— Understanding policy and practice barriers to those outcomes
— Identifying who needs to be engaged to remove those barriers (and how you might figure it out)
— Exploring what those people would need to do differently to begin to make the necessary impact
Connect with us at if you’d like to participate, and join the webinar via webex here (access code: 926 670 283; audio connection: 1-844-426-4403).

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