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RECODE WEBINAR: Writing for the Web

Join us Wednesday, December 14 at 12pm (EDT) for a RECODE Webinar with freelance writer Dave Lank to learn strategies for effective online writing.
As most of us increasingly engage with content using our smartphones, the way we consume information has changed drastically in only the last few years.
As attention spans decrease and information overload increases, it’s harder than ever for content to stand out.
That’s why, more then ever, it’s crucial to understand and employ best practice techniques for online writing. Only then can your content break through the clutter.
By taking part in this webinar, you’ll learn key strategies that will help you to craft written content that will actually get read. If you are actively involved in online communications (articles, blogs, newsletters etc.) and website copy, join us on the webinar to learn how to:

  • effectively convey what your program is, why it exists, who it helps and how it helps
  • make your content more personal and engaging
  • adapt your content for mobile reading by making it more ‘skimmable’
  • write powerful headlines
  • emotionally engage the reader

Connect with us at if you’d like to participate, and join the webinar via webex here (access code: 929 404 594; audio connection: 1-844-426-4403).

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