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Postsecondary Community Dialogue Brief

Sep 16, 2021

Postsecondary institutions are uniquely positioned to act as convenors for transformative conversations around the pressing questions of our times.

There is a growing shift in the relationship between post-secondary institutions and the wider communities within which they are located. This is happening as universities and colleges leverage, and expand their traditional roles of education and research to benefit community wellbeing.

This Brief explores the Transformative Community Dialogue engagement model. It outlines the value and possibilities of dialogue-based engagement, alongside strategic considerations for convenors, illustrated by real-life case studies. Co-created transformative dialogues between an institution and community help inform a response to regional specific social, environmental, cultural and economic issues.

Existing models of community engagement include:

  • experiential or work-integrated learning programs
  • community engaged research,
  • open data platforms
  • knowledge translation and dissemination
  • social innovation labs
  • incubators
  • multi-sector partnerships
  • transformative community dialogue

Indeed, post-secondary institutions are often seen as trusted, neutral convenors, allowing them to bring together various community stakeholders to increase shared understanding and collaborative action for community wellbeing.

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