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Share your insights through our Post-Secondary Mapping Survey

The post-secondary sector is ripe with ideas for tackling today’s most pressing challenges. That’s why we’re asking you—students, faculty, campus leadership—to help us visualize the connections and opportunities for change in higher education.

By sharing in our Post-Secondary Mapping Survey—a collaboration between RECODE, Intel, and Mappr—you’ll help us understand:

  • What role can the post-secondary system play in facing complex challenges of today?
  • How can the sector fuel creative solutions, new connections, and the growth of an innovation culture in Canada?
  • What are the underlying relationships (including the nuances of cause and effect) between these challenges and the role of the post secondary system?

Your contributions will help us create a map that identifies a set of waypoints to guide our collective strategic efforts moving forward. Please note, this survey will take approximately 30 minutes. We invite you to share this widely.

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