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Students — Share Your Vision for Canada

What would Canada be like in 20 years if young people were in charge?

Through Possible Canadas, a journalism project in collaboration with Discourse Media and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, that’s one of the questions 10 student journalists posed to their peers and campus communities.
They interviewed hundreds of students on 10 campuses across BC and Alberta to learn what issues mattered most to them and then produced in-depth investigations into how Canada could begin to realize and make these visions a reality.
What did they learn? Start by reading editor Tari Ajadi’s story “Why Possible Canadas: Are young people really disengaged in politics?” and student fellow Arno Rosenfeld’s article “A vision from the future: Canada in 2035, if young people were in charge.” Their articles are published on the Possible Canadas website, alongside 56 influential Canadians discussing the major challenges our country is facing and how best to address them. New student articles will be featured on a weekly basis.

Students — Possible Canadas wants to hear from you!

Help bring young voices to the attention of elected politicians. Do you write for a student newspaper, a blog, or other publication? Possible Canadas wants to know, what issues should be on the forefront of our leaders’ agenda?
Submit your response to or by texting “voice” to 778-762-0809, along with your comments, and be sure to join the conversation on Twitter by using #PossibleCanadas. The most thoughtful submissions will be posted on the Possible Canadas website.

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