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Students—take part in SFU's Community Summit!

Each year Simon Fraser University hosts a Community Summit which consists of a week-long series of events, conferences, and workshops on a theme of public and academic interest. This year, the Community Summit will focus on city building. It will be held October 30 to November 7 at a number of venues across Metro Vancouver.
As part of the 2015 Summit, RECODE is collaborating with SFU Public Square to host a student designed and student led national gathering on the role of universities and colleges in city building.
In the coming weeks, SFU Public Square will be convening an online design jam with interested students from across the country. As a RECODE partner, we wanted you to know about this opportunity.
If you are interested in participating on the design team of this important gathering, or know someone who might be, please complete the following form by July 9. The design process will be coordinated virtually to maximize student engagement, contain costs, and reduce GHG emissions.
If you are not able to commit time during these summer months to help design the gathering, there are still opportunities to participate in the actual event November 6 and 7 in Vancouver. We are asking students to explore opportunities for travel support through their campuses. There will be a very limited budget for travel subsidies and we will stretch these funds as far as we can, but we know that they will not be enough.
For more information on the SFU Public Square Community please visit the website at If you have any questions, please contact Janet Webber, Program Director at
Thanks for considering this opportunity and please do not hesitate to forward to students in your network.

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