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Upcoming RECODE Webinar

Join us June 3 at 12pm (EDT) for a webinar hosted by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation senior social innovation fellows: Cheryl Rose and Allyson Hewitt.
Cheryl and Allyson have been central to the national Social Innovation Generation (SiG) partnership and will guide us through a host of resources that look at how to create conditions for change to happen.
These resources include a new social innovation Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that SiG@Waterloo recently developed; tools and guides that SiG@MaRS has developed; case studies directly related to university and college campuses; and even Cheryl and Allyson themselves as they’ve both agreed to offer coaching for system change strategies to RECODE campuses.
For more information about this webinar or to RSVP, contact
About the hosts:
Read Cheryl Rose’s bio here.
Read Allyson Hewitt’s bio here.

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