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Societal Transformation Lab (s.lab) – an invite to Canadian Groups

November 29, 2018

by Kelly Hodgins

Program Officer, McConnell Foundation


The Presencing Institute is about to launch a new educational program called s.lab.

s.lab is a four-month web + in-person program that supports teams across the world to create systemic social change. In short, s.lab does for teams what Theory U does for individuals.

This new program stems from the recognition that one of the most fundamental challenges in leadership is for an individual to be able to activate the whole ecosystem around a problem, in order to advance an issue. The s.lab process facilitates this ecoystem leadership.

Like us at McConnell, the Presencing Institute is focused on what they can do to accelerate large-scale change in key issues facing our time — urgently.

Recognizing the many complex, entrenched problems our partners are working on, we see the s.lab as having great potential to unlock some of the barriers they face. The s.lab allows a group to work on a specific project relevant to them, in a low-risk, high-support environment.

s.lab runs from January to April. We see it as an incredible opportunity, but the deadline is approaching quickly. Take a look at this overview document and consider a project/issue you’re working on that could benefit from this learning journey.

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